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Hello my name is David Bornancin and I'm the Artist and Creator.  My story is all about people and making Art and Paintings available and affordable.  My journey started 15 years ago when my Wife became ill and I was a primary caregiver for her.  Late at night I would draw hundreds of pictures and started to transform them in Acrylic Paintings and 3D Art Work.  Working my day job and also care giving and sleeping on two hours of sleep.  

The great thing about Art is having a vision, a passion and a very creative mind to bring together all the vast amount of colors and ideas.

Most of my Paintings are one of a kind and unique.  I like to work with canvas but also incorporate Wood, Metal, Plastic and other materials.

After my wife passed, I still to this day bring my energy and emotions to every piece I create.

I sign all my paintings and art work with DJB, and my Logo is DJB, and all my lables go under IntenseDJB.

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