Selling Art vs. Selling Software

Selling Art vs. Selling Software

Selling Art vs. Software!

What sets my shows and events apart is the meticulous process behind each creation. It all begins in my studio, where I immerse myself in a world of creativity, sketching, and designing until the perfect vision emerges.

Selecting the right canvas and tools is crucial; I exclusively use top-grade acrylic paints and artist-quality brushes to bring my ideas to life. The journey continues with layers of paint, texture, and intricate detailing, sometimes spanning several months until the raw essence of the artwork is revealed.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Planning each event is a massive undertaking, meticulously considering every detail from seating arrangements to lighting. My brother Tony, a master engineer, plays a pivotal role, transforming my creations into immersive experiences. Lighting is carefully curated to enhance each painting's beauty, while strategic placement and curated collections elevate the ambiance.

During the events, my brother and I work tirelessly to ensure every guest experiences something truly special. It's not merely about selling paintings; it's about sharing in the customer's vision, whether it's for their home or business.

Despite the challenges, the satisfaction of pushing boundaries and creating unforgettable experiences makes it all worthwhile. Selling art isn't just about transactions; it's about connecting with people and forging new adventures in the world of creativity.

Why do I do it because in life you have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and create possibilities and new adventures. If you ever felt selling software or other items were hard try selling Art. It's a totally different skill and talents that comes into play.

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