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Colorful Abstract Painting

My Art Videos

I have created Art Work and Paintings now for over 14 years.  I like to draw and paint in many different styles and directions.  I also create Art Videos that offer you a look at my latest ideas and designs.  Visualization is one of the best forms to experience more then what's on the canvas or other media.  My hope is you will view and enjoy this journey!


Painting Video

New way to experience Paintings and Art Work.  See if you can find your special creations!


Alien UFO Arrival

Alien UFO Arrival and Art Experience.  All Acrylic on Canvas filled with Colors and custom Designs.


Nautical Art Video

Nautical Painting Video, my latest creations all packed with water, sailing, surfing, boating and so much more.


Hard Drive Grave Yard

Hard Drive Grave Yard, Wall Art One of a Kind designs and creations.  3D Multi-Media Experience with Wood, Metal, Acrylic and so much more!

My Youtube Channel

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