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Don't ever Stop Creating Stuff!

Hi and hope all are doing well, and let’s get right into to this. No matter if you are young or old, working or not, retired or semi-retired or traveling, the same applies. This new title “Don’t ever stop Creating” is all about skills, abilities and metal conditions. Meaning we all start off with this desire and ambition and set of ideas that we want to do and make happen, and it comes from both our spirit and up bringing and wants and needs.

But what I have seen over time is that so many people go into this stage of slowing down, shutting off, isolation and no desire to do much of anything. Why many may ask is the unknown and the unanswered. But the fact is we all need to keep our minds sharp, our memory strong and are skills at high levels. It’s not about one thing or the other and it’s not about how good you are at that skill, as it comes down to simple basics and doing something you love to do.

As I slowly transitioned from High Intense Corporate Software Sales and Executive positions I never wanted to shut down nor travel into a deep dark place and stop doing things. I started a New Podcast Show and I continued to explore, expand and create more of my Art Work and Paintings. Creating, editing and producing a show is no easy task and it require a lot of knowledge on many aspects of the podcast world. And at the same time taking my skills with drawings and creating new designs, abstracts, modern, trendy and original Art Work and Paintings allows me to use every skill I have, ( Artist, Designer, Creator, Sales, Marketing, Galleries, Shows, Events and connecting to thousands of people both live and on social media.

I don’t tell you all this to impress but to give you a glitch into ones life and how “Don’t ever Stop Creating Stuff” ready means something.

So do what you love

Do what you like

Make something happen

Never stop changing the world around us

Keep producing stuff

You will forever change your life and fulfill your dreams. From Writing, Traveling, Cooking, Designing, Building, Producing, Painting, Scrupling to anything else that allow you to take what you know and what you would like to learn, and then leave a body of work that people can enjoy and discover. Your mind and skills are always at their best when used for creativity and passion.

Good luck on your next adventure!

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