Kindness Cost Nothing

Updated: Oct 10

Hello everyone and I truly hope you are all stay safe and healthy. Today is all about kindness and the way we all treat people and offer our help. The title is very important and simple.

“Kindness Costs Nothing”

When you think about this many would say time is money, my time is valuable, I do care about others and their problems, I don’t think about being kind I just do my own think. And there’s the problem right there and it is a very big problem.


Because in a world filled with Hate, Issues, Concerns, Death and differences between groups of people we all should stop and really see others and we all need some kindness.

It does not matter:

Who you are

What you believe in

Why you are on this planet

What you care about

Where you live

How you prey

Or what your job or business is

The simple fact is we all lose our minds at times and we all react far to fast and say things we might not really mean. It’s easy to offer a few kind words, a helping hand, a simple response or even changing someone’s world knowing that they are in pain and can’t cope with life.

All my life my presence and being is all about people. It takes me nothing to offer kindness to others and always providing advice and or coaching, etc.

The world around is changing and it’s getting harder to know what and how to act. But as I traveled all around the world I have seen that people are people and that we all face the same problems and issues.

Is all my posts you see me say “Change the World” and you will change your life. Show some kindness and you will gain so much more in return.

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