Leadership begins with Trust

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by and reading some of my posts. And I’m reaching out to all the people who feel they don’t have a voice because you do and I can hear you always. To all the people who were told you will never make it, the Hell with that because if you work hard and stay focused you will indeed make it.

To all the people who where ever told you your ideas are bad, can’t be done and you will fail, I say all the nay Sayers you were wrong. I reach out to all the people who are trying, who care about people and life and who want to achieve their dreams. I live by one of my rules and that is “Anything is Possible”.

Now let’s go back for a moment and take a look at my new Title and topic for this week. Leadership begins with Trust. This is the most important statement that can be made by any manager, sales leader, sales vice president and CEO. What is the meaning behind these words and why are they so on point?

All my life I wanted to be the best at anything I do and anything I try to do. I was always told you will never make it, you are not good enough, you are not smart enough and you don’t have what it takes. Both in school and in real life these words were always with me and inside of me. This simple set of words kept me on track, focused, energized, motivated and gave me everything I needed to become a Powerful Leader in anyone of my Top Fortune 100 Companies I worked for. Never listen to people that put you down or tell you it’s not going to happen or can’t be done.

Oh and by the way it was my Mother and Father that gave me the tools to be anything in life and do anything. But I’m missing the KEY point here and this discussion is all about leadership and trust. I was a Vice President of Sales for over 20 years and it came with responsibility and lot’s of demand.

As a Leader you need to understand trust and how to manage people. First all people from around the world and in your own country are treated the same, no matter what and no matter who they are. The core values start with people. Next your job in life is to train and build a powerful team of talented Woman and Men. That means trust is earned, used, obtained, lost and given as part of the makeup of any team. If you can’t trust your staff to do the best possible tasks then you have nothing to build on.

Some might say but wait, you need to micro-manage people and force them to get stuff done. And I would say no your nuts. Giving people the power to make decision on their own is everything and enabling them to make mistakes and also make good decisions is the tools people need to grow. A fine wine does not come from one simple set of grapes. Some grapes are good ones and some are not but in the end mixing and cultivating great grapes produces very good wine.

Trust is where we start and opens the door to possibilities. Steve Jobs from Apple did not want to hire people he can tell what to do, but to hire people that tell him what is the best possible solution to use for that problem and case. All my life it was about hiring the best people, then providing good training and then cut them lose. People will surprise you every time. Now do you need solid communication with your team on our goals yes and do you need to offer advice when asked yes, but trusting your team to do the right things is a skill you learn at an early age.

My parents give me the tools and trusted I would do the right thing and do it well. Leadership without trust is no leadership at all!

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