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Route 66 - One of my Signature Pieces

Route 66 - Get your kicks on Route 66. This idea and project was a lot of fun and I was able to bring together a large Wall Art Creation 4 FT by 2 FT+ and build a 3D look and model. I started off with the raw wood and did a custom paint job and then decided what would be my focus point (US Country Metal & Map). Then I layered in all the magnets that represent all the key elements of many cities and paint in the Famous Highway Route 66.

After that I wanted to add many key features that represent the Best of Route 66 and it's people and Highway. So I placed in all the little pieces and signs and other items to bring this piece to life.

This picture only offers a tiny look into this amazing Wall Art but in person it is breath taking and really surprising.

A labor of love and yes it's now available on my Website.

Get your Kicks on Route 66
Route 66

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