About Artist

Greetings, I am David Bornancin, the Artist and Creator behind a profound story centered around people and the accessibility of art and paintings.

My artistic journey began 17 years ago when I became the primary caregiver for my wife during her illness. During those late-night hours, I found solace in sketching countless pictures, which eventually evolved into captivating acrylic paintings and mesmerizing 3D artwork.

Balancing my day job, caregiving responsibilities, and surviving on just two hours of sleep, I poured my heart and soul into my craft.

​The beauty of art lies in the ability to visualize, ignite passion, and fuse together a multitude of colors and ideas. Each of my paintings is a true masterpiece, meticulously crafted, and entirely unique.

My preferred medium is canvas, but I also love experimenting with wood, metal, plastic, and various other materials, adding depth and dimension to my creations.

Though my wife has passed on, her memory remains a driving force behind every piece I produce. With unwavering energy and raw emotion, I infuse life into each stroke of the brush.

​When you encounter my art, you'll recognize it by my signature, DJB, and my emblem, DJB, under the label IntenseDJB.

My work encapsulates not just an artistic expression but a profound and heartfelt journey that I am honored to share with the world.