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Return Policy

Hello and Welcome to my Artwork and Paintings Website.  As a local artist all my work is custom made and all originals.  As a way to support both my work and make Art affordable, all Sales are Final and there is a no return policy.  If for some reason you would like to discuss any issue please contact me direct at my email or message me.  Thank you all for your support and thank everyone for the last five years coming to my art shows and events and all online purchases.

Product Issues

If you have any issues with your recent purchase of any Paintings or Artwork please contact me by email or text message and I'm happy to discuss and provide help and assistance.

Customer Privacy and Rules

We work extremely hard to protect all customer information and offer a secured website and online buying experience.

Shop Policies

All Acrylic Paintings and 3D Artwork are one of a kind specialty designs.  And to help control cost and make my Artwork affordable all online and show purchases are final and no returns offered.  I make the highest quality of artwork and paintings and I thank you all for your support.